Monday, October 4, 2010

Agape Sessions

Agape Love: Sacrificial Love, seeking to serve. This is how God loves me, how He loves you, how He loves US. And it's how He wants us to love one another.

When I started Tracy Roach Photography, I was terribly concerned with making it a successful business. I printed business cards, I ran specials, I made sample albums, I promoted it every way I could.

I realized then, that what I really needed to focus on was making it a successful ministry. God has promised to take care of my material needs, and He has proven time and time again that He will do so. What He wants me to do is to use the gifts He has given me to share His love.

With that purpose in mind, I introduce the concept of Agape Sessions. With each paid sitting fee and order, you will be given a certificate for an Agape Session to be given to someone of your choosing who has a special need for it. Agape Sessions will consist of 1 to 1 1/2 hour photography sessions with a Mini II CD. These sessions are at no charge to the recipient.

As this is intended as a ministry, I encourage you to choose wisely who you would like to bless with this gift. Perhaps it's a single new mom with no resources to have newborn portraits taken. Perhaps it's a family with a mom or dad about to be deployed. Or maybe it's a family with a new adoption. I will not refuse anyone you may choose for the Agape Session, but I do request that you use it to show God's love to someone in need.

While each Agape Session will be displayed on my blog and FB page like any other session, it will not be listed as an Agape Session, and no one will know that it was not a paid project.

I am also offering reduced pricing for churches seeking to purchase wedding photography or portrait services as a love offering on a case by case basis.

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